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For a Silver or Golden anniversary let your beloved ones re-live the era of their youthful romance. We understand their tastes and will bring back sweet memories and make the event memorable with our Western and Indian songs and fun-filled games for the family.

You could have a theme party, have everyone dress up as Bollywood stars of the yester years—Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Mumtaz, Saira Bano, Rajesh Khanna or Amitabh Bachchan--and we'd sing the relevant songs.....Kishore Kumar, Lata, Asha, Rafi, Mukesh, Hemant, Geeta Dutt et al. Whether they want to dance to the Gore Gore of the ‘50s or the Shammi Kapoor/ Dev Anand/ Amitabh Bacchan dance tracks or the Kishore-Asha or the soft numbers of the bygone era....or a few Ghazals....or some new numbers when they are feeling younger than their own children....we have it all. And of course Arlene's DJ comes for free keep the younger crowd dancing and happy!

Or if you love Elvis, Neil Diamond, Engelbert Humperdinck, Tom Jones, Pat Boone, Frank Sinatra, Cliff Richard, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole or Marilyn Monroe, ABBA, Carpenters, Beatles, Connie Francis......or 70's/80s or even new ones.....we can sing them live.

We can give the same joy for a surprise 50th birthday, or for your Mom or Dad or Granny on their 70th Birthday! We have even done a 100th birthday party (see photo below). Now which band or DJ understands the requirements of all age groups? And we have an unparalleled class of our own!